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A jam submission

Scary Gardener Tales 2View game page

Spooky FPS
Submitted by ryctyngylyr — 1 day, 20 hours before the deadline

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Getting some Nitemare3D vibes here. Very nice. There's a surprising amount of monster variety and enough guns for a game this short, although I'm not really a fan of having straight up upgraded versions of the same weapons. The sound department is somewhat lacking, and the lack of feedback when you shoot the enemies makes the combat feel a bit unsatisfying sometimes, especially when fighting enemies with lots of health. Other than that it's a really solid game - and runs well on even ancient toasters. Great job.


Thanks for the feedback
The initial inspiration for this game was indeed Nitemare 3D (at least the outdoor areas)

Made a video about your game, sorry about the bad mic/heavy accent.


This is very helpful, thanks

The game was really intended to be controlled with WASD and mouse. I added the keyboard-turning with arrow keys mainly as a quick hack for when I wanted to dev without a mouse available, so those controls are not very polished.

Played up until right before 'The Swamp'. Premise is decent enough, Doom/Chex Quest-style game with hub world. There's a bit of a visibility problem, though, as I'll often find myself unable to find where to go next due to nearly every wall and floor tile being the exact same. There's no directional feel to the map, so if you get turned around it'll take a while to figure that out.

The non-euclidean element was interesting, reminded me of some maps for Duke 3D. You could always use that in your normal maps to prevent players getting lost. Other than that, all I can comment on is that nearly invisible and disguised enemies feel a bit cheap.


Thanks for playing!

A lot of people mentioned the monotonous floor/wall textures in their feedback, so I'll try to improve that next version.

Good demo, I had fun with it.  What engine did you use for it? is it a doom mod or something? As for feedback:

> Guns badly need juice. Give the gun sprites kickback or something, and give them bassy sound effects.

> I think you need more landmarks, like the Christmas lights on that one level. It got quite monotonous looking at the same thing when I was finding my way through the levels.

> The level where the map changes around you is great, really neat level.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind for the next demo.

I wrote the engine myself in C, using SDL2 and OpenGL.