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A jam submission

You Only Live Twice: So Have A Good TimeView game page

A short Stealth Adventure game about a teenage ghost made for AdvX Jam 2020!
Submitted by catcombstudio (@CatcombStudio) — 1 minute, 9 seconds before the deadline
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You Only Live Twice: So Have A Good Time's page

Team Credits
Coding by Taku Mavhunduke

Art by Martyna Pikuła

Written by Yaw Glover

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Looks like a pretty fun game but there's a bug that makes things not be able to be taken sometimes, and then the game appears to be unwinnable. Got pretty far the first time before that bug hit and second time it happened pretty quickly.


Thanks a lot for playing our game! There's a limit to how many items you can carry before you have to free up inventory space by fulfilling some of the characters requests. If you press Backspace, you can see what you're currently holding. We definitely think we could have made this clearer and we really appreciate the feedback!


Aha. Yeah just a message that your inv was full would have been great instead of just nothing happening. I did retry just now, but the fact that you have to regather and give all the items every time you fail the stealth part made me give up. But really cool game and cute art.