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A topic by TwistedTwigleg created Sep 21, 2017 Views: 98 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone!

I just released my entry to the jam: DemoDemo

The game features four levels, two of which are based on fantasy cartridges. I was inspired by the DemoDemo cartridge, but I don't think my game really lines up with the picture or the description of the cartridge, just the name... Whoops! It does stay mostly (kinda) true to the other cartridges, A whale of noise and Bana the banana.

I decided to release early because I thought I'd see what you guys think about it, and update the game if there is time. Please let me know what you guys think and if there is anything I should change/remove/add!

It has been super fun working on the game for the jam. Huge thanks to the organizers of the jam for making this possible!

(Should I tag this as a devlog? Or leave it as is?)


I just released an update to the game, which adds the following features:

  • Background music for all levels
  • Walking/sprinting noises for the player
  • Customizable mouse sensitivity
  • Better quit mechanics (now a label shows you how to quit when you press escape)
  • An small hint on what you need to do for each level when you enter it
  • Small fixes and changes here and there.

Thanks to Kai20 for the feedback and everyone that's played the game so far!