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C1ic Derby Steeplechase

A topic by Don Calaca created Apr 20, 2017 Views: 50
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3th entry to the JAM and you are maybe asking... Why is not uploading the games to

Well, as you may know, I have a project called where I work making inclusive interactive stuff, so... for every one, the idea is to use simple graphics, simple controls (one button), try to not use colors, just keep it simple, the idea is to let players play... could be an elder, could be an impaired person (mobility, vision, etc ), any one and I use mainly the left button of the mouse, and for these games I had to add colors and more inputs although the games are just one button games, so I wont add them to my game library on What about the votes? I don´t really care, I use these JAMS to make new ideas, keep working and don't let die this project, is very hard to continue a project like this without any help.

So... enjoy the c1ic games

C1ic Derby Steeplechase is a tribute to the first one button arcade machine known (at list that I know), the name was just "Steeplechase". I try to make it as the original game as posible, by now the game doesn't have any sound effects, I don't want it to be annoying, but I'll try some sounds at the beginning and the end of the game, but you can try it now


I hope you can give me some feedback