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Explore the depths of your mind
Submitted by cincospenguinos — 8 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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Traditional Roguelikeness#24.0004.000

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • I really like this idea. There is so much potential to the idea of setting conditions and results. While a lot of ideas are presented here, I would love to see another wrinkle or two added--maybe different types of attacks, or movement-based abilities, or different status effects. There is a lot of potential for building interesting runs based on synergies. I also love the aesthetics. The moving tiles is a nice effect that I enjoyed watching. Very Slay the Spire-esque colors and style. Really feels like some other world, which works with the theme. It might be good to not allow infinite runes since you end up with so many that they are hard to find and it's awkward to scroll through. I like having a few constant shines on the floors, and I like that enemies spawn sometimes to prevent scumming. As it is, the game needs significant balance changes. I ended up just walking around looking for the exit instead of making interesting decisions in fights. The biggest culprit is the ability to get runes that trigger as you walk around. I ended up on depth 35 with 154-156 damage, healing twice by walking around and increasing my sight by walking. Because monsters don't get stronger, there are never that many of them, they don't spawn often, and they are often too slow to be a threat, the player really just outstrips them completely. A food clock would solve this problem as well. Having larger levels, especially without the ability to hold down a direction key, makes the levels not fun to traverse. With balance changes and an expansion on the ideas, this could be a great game.
  • An interesting and fresh set of mechanics in this one, which for a bit was fun to strategize about, though the pacing is definitely too slow. Level after level there are only minor adjustments to stats, and a very slow acquisition of abilities, which isn't great in an infinite game played for score where you want to be running into challenging situations on every floor to avoid wasting too much time. There's not really enough enemy variety here, either. The first five or so levels on the first playthrough were fun, though, figuring out how the systems work and how to defeat enemies while taking little to no damage. More quickly increasing the number and types of abilities gained would be a big improvement, probably by giving them to enemies and making them lootable, which is a thing but only happened very rarely.
  • * The core rune mechanic is kidna neat * The power growth is fun * I like the surrealistic theme * However the game is fairly limited in scope

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