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take the role of a Paladin on a quest to save a Village!
Submitted by eyuzwa (@eyuzwa) — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Traditional Roguelikeness#24.0004.000

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • A lovely little roguelike where you play as a paladin. Pretty traditional, but it had a neat twist: your spells are invoked ahead of time, but only take effect next time you attack. I thought that was pretty cool. I had some trouble with the inventory, and I couldn't figure out how to heal or reasonably avoid damage, so I always died before level 4. Interesting game!
  • This game appears to be a badly broken implementation of some rot.js tutorial. I have seen the exact same tileset in a last year's submission from a different creator, Rogues Amongst The Stars, as well as the same gameplay mechanics. The crucial difference is that RATS was hosted on a webpage, while PFD is downloadable-only, and this appears to have broken the way throwing/dropping works. In RATS, choosing throw brought up a plain white message box where you needed to input a number corresponding with whichever item in your inventory you wanted to toss out. While ugly and immersion-breaking, it worked. Here, the option does not work at all, and this means you cannot actually beat the game, as it requires dropping the Amulet onto an altar. Moreover, healing requires tossing gold nuggets into an alembic in both games: since you cannot throw nuggets properly, you cannot heal normally either. Thus, the only way of even getting to the final altar in the first place is by start-scumming to get a Paladin one of whose two random starting skills is Holy Strike, which is essentially vampirism. Only then can you make it through the engagements on later floors - although it's going to require stairdancing to really work. In a further sign of how broken the game is - Holy Strike and its cousin Holy Shield both use orange AP points, but the UI only ever shows you HP and MP. I assumed at first that AP (and green EP, used by other, less important skills) were completely non-existant, but it turned out they are there, just not represented in the UI. You just have to memorize that you can use AP-consuming skills about 5 times at most, then spend about a couple dozen of turns waiting on the upper floor or somewhere else safe to make sure you recovered it (since waiting may randomly recover the other two meters instead). All in all, this game is remarkably broken and lacks anything you would not get in better implementations of the same libraries, like the aforementioned RATS.
  • I'm not sure what to think about that one. The potential is here for sure, there are some cool mechanics here, and the game is aesthetically pleasing. But the game rules are opaque. Even controls are opaque – I still don't know how to use inventory. After pressing 'i', I was trying to press the number assigned to the item, I was trying to press item name by mouse, I was trying to choose the item my movement keys... Nothing happens. Another thing: leveling up. I got the message "DING! You gained level!", but it seems to change exactly nothing, and I can't open any menu to, for example, distribute ability points. Also, balance. The first three levels were a breeze, even without using items. And these floors didn't differ much. But the 4th level was just impossible to pass for me. I don't feel well reviewing this game. Maybe it's complete package, and maybe I would really like playing Paladin Fever Dream. But i was beaten by very poor discoverability, no available instructions: nor in game, or via readme file, neither on the game page.

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