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Medieval Upbringing 7DRLView game page

Medieval childhood sim
Submitted by Eldar Bogdanov (@gojira_tc)
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Medieval Upbringing 7DRL's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Traditional Roguelikeness#1682.3332.333

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • This is a surprisingly deep game for a 7DRL, although it should also be mentioned that Medieval Upbringing isn't really a roguelike. It is certainly interesting, though, figuring out how best to choose skills, level up, fight inner demons, and participate in a variety of competitions over the course of your life. A full play of Medieval Upbringing seems rather long for a 7DRL, though this could be seen as a plus since it's not only fun but the pacing is actually not that bad considering how many new skills and features are encountered over that time. The excellent writing also adds to the enjoyment, and players who enjoy roguelikes will probably find fun in here regardless of its classification.
  • I had a good time with this one. It is very overwhelming at first, and I would be lying if I said that I understood everything that was going on, even after three runs. Especially the competitions-- I’m sure that the info that I need is in the game, but it is a fairly complex web of systems. the only times that I didn't get last was when I really focused on a stat. It reminds me of Kitten's Game in that way, where you need to build a mental model of a system in order to manipulate it to move forward. I like the tile clicking aspect, it was fun to find new tiles and balance choosing the tiles that you want with the tiles that reveal more space. With some nice little animations, it could be a sweet mobile game (or PC game). I did have some issues with some of the tiles-- the stairs especially when they are black on dark purple or blue. A few times I cleared much of the board before realizing that I'd found the stairs earlier. It would be nice if there was some indication of the amount of time for each tile. I know you can check with a mouseover, but when you are playing it would be nice to have that info on that board, either a small number in the corner of the tile or maybe a shade or saturation change. The browser pop-up situation is annoying, it would be nice if the borders of the board just flashed red. While I appreciate that the game shows its equations in the text, it would be nice if there was some way to get to understand what is going on in an easier way. Finally, although there is a grid, I have to say that despite the grid, the game is not a roguelike in any discernable way. However, it is turn-based and it's something I've never seen, so I appreciate it.
  • I don't even know where to begin with this one, its really interesting and the scope is clearly way wider than I would expect from a 7DRL by a lot. I mean leader boards and hundreds of professions and the mind map and all the different endings. This one had to be a monster to come up with let alone code.So im not sure i can give a fair review without playing it and seeing all the different endings/paths but ill do my best. I had a pretty good time with this one played through it twice and did not get a very good score but hey i got to learn telepathy so i chock that up as a W. The mind map is a really interesting little puzzle although It kind of plays itself after awhile and that kind of feels like the most rogue like element of it. Other than that I didn't really feel roguelike enough as since the stats you get from the actual mind map are pretty small you can manipulate the same build regularly. Big props for having all of the math behind it transparent a lot of these style of games can leave the player kind of aimlessly pressing buttons but I always felt like I had clear goals to work twords. Although I do wish it showed what mastery of a skill does to it. The emotion system is interesting I kind of which it changed more than what just appeared on the mind map. The writing is really charming around all of the events and im sure ill drop back by for another playthrough to see some more of the possibilities great work on this one!

Successful or Incomplete?

Did development of the game take place during the 7DRL Challenge week. (If not, please don't submit your game)

Do you consciously consider your game a roguelike/roguelite? (If not, please don't submit your game)
yes - it's turned-based, has procgen "levels" and replayability factor, and non-trivial mathy decisions. Check the first post in devlog for more reasoning :)

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