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Deck builder rogue-like game
Submitted by JfranMora (@JfranMora), RicoAlbe (@ricoalbe) — 9 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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  • Stickers & Dungeons is a deck-building roguelike where you face a series of turn-based encounters while drafting cards and building your deck. One thing that makes this game very different from most card games is that you don't discard your hand and you only draw one card per turn, which shifts the strategy quite a bit from a typical deck-builder, but also increases the variance of each encounter as the first hand you draw has more impact than anything else. Cards also have durability, which is a neat mechanic but it lead to me losing all of my games by running out of cards to play rather than being defeated by the enemy (also you don't seem to shuffle your deck during encounters so if you play all your cards then you have to flee). The art style, execution, general UI, and animations were all stellar; although I felt I couldn't give a max Aesthetics score due to the game missing some UI elements essential to card games, such as being able to see your draw pile during encounters. Another complaint is that the animations made certain encounters feel very slow, especially if you are just trying to pass turns to draw an attack card so you can finish the battle. Due to the slow combat pacing and lack of recourse for simply running out of playable cards mid-game, I couldn't recommend this to others in its current form; but the polished art style and base gameplay have a lot of potential to become a great game (perhaps even a commercially successful one). The game is not a traditional roguelike, but is a welcomed addition to the ever-growing-in-popularity genre of deck-building roguelikes.
  • Great art style, love the way the stickers are 3d. Enjoyed working out what moves were available to each enemy and what order to defeat them. This is a game that plays well on a cold night with a hot cup of tea, it’s got nice atmosphere,

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Awesome! Very good UI, the encounters are interesting, the deck building part works. I would love a bigger font. I'm writing my comment and then I'm doing one more run. Very good work!