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Heroes of Noresskia - 2019 7DRLView game page

A program that simulates a GM running a RPG adventure.
Submitted by Slashie (@slashie_) — 11 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline

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  • This project was born from an interesting place. The creator has included a long explanation of this project as an experiment, heavily inspired by the history around the design of the original Rogue and based on original research. Conceptually, then, this experiment is a success, spinning up a (mostly) bug-free interface to the Epic Quest style game it’s based on. And logistically, the program is solid and intuitive. The player clicks though most interfaces with clearly labeled buttons. The author has also made great use of pre-made open source/free libre assets – which give the program a very polished feeling.

    As an experiment in simulating a DM running an RPG, this is interesting. The result is not, however, really a game to be played. Character creation is mostly a randomization of a few elements, and gameplay is mostly limited to moving around a map. Combat is randomly triggered and consists of clicking through the “attack” button several times. So if you check this out to see what the author has done with an experimental simulation, don’t be looking for deep gameplay.  Still, an interesting approach to the larger roguelike design space.

  • This is something developers have been trying to pull off for a long time, and it seems like you ran into the same problems that everybody does.  You need to make sure the journey itself is fun, otherwise you'll only have a destination generator.

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The overland map is wonderful, and the character portraits are beautiful. The game does a good job of providing a feel of adventurers in an tabletop rpg traveling around the world. This definitely has the polish of a professional game (probably good for mobile).

A few things I'd like to see added: Highlight the location on the map when you mouse-over the travel buttons (I spent a lot of time going to the wrong place); highlights where there are discovered places of interest (in my playthrough I got lost); some risk/reward decision to the combat (maybe attempt a risky maneuver and combat ends quickly).