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A jam submission


A twitchy strike action entry to 7DRL
Submitted by Daniel Savage (@danielsavface) — 11 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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  • It was really hard to judge this game. You die as soon as anything touches you. I also only discovered by accident you can attack the red stuff to destroy it.  The game doesn't feel complete as the instant death coupled with the enemies respawning where they were killed makes it very difficult to traverse the levels. The controls were okay and clear but the constantly flickering tiles is headache inducing. I would recommend skipping this title for now until more polish was done. There's a germ of a game here waiting to blossom.

  • An action game with bizarre spinny glitchy aesthetics, cruel difficulty, and a bit of an attitude. I never made it past level 3 in this deathly maze, but I did find my time in it interesting. And occasionally nauseating, when I got close to a front wall and everything on the screen started to really twist around with a vengeance.

    Mostly, though, I felt unwelcome. The game concept isn't without legs, but it did seem to come down to "do really precise timing and placement, and oh, the correct timing and placement you need is a randomly adjusted for each new level". It's not that it's not a learnable game - I did get better at adjusting to using different attacks over time, not to mention getting a lot better at noticing when it's best to just run around or ram over a monster instead of trying to kill it - but I did also die a lot from having attacks just not quite reach a monster I was aiming for or go just slightly too far.

    In all, the combination of the high level of difficulty, the eventually repetitive music, and not really having anything interesting going on its level design, made this game difficult to enjoy for me. For a short game contest like this, accessibility is unfortunately a greater asset than depth. I don't know what I'm missing from the later levels - though I assume there is something, since I did at least see that there are more monsters in the later levels than the yellow blobs - but I just couldn't make it there, and the game just couldn't quite convince me that I really wanted to try.

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