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Dungeon of the Goblin KingView game page

Turn based 3D roguelike with stealth mechanics
Submitted by teamkalamakkara — 2 days, 46 minutes before the deadline

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  • Tile-based first-person roguelike with stealth mechanics.  The game felt quite polished and I ran into no game-breaking bugs.  The game's graphics look very nice, it has a style to it that is quite appropriate for the game.  Controls took a few minutes to learn/remember, particularly the menus.  It would perhaps be a good idea to have buttons on the side at least as a remind to use your inventory and perks?  Could even highlight current encumberence, experience level, how many perk points you have available -- there are definitely a few things that could be done to really enhance the UI.  Music fit the mood and surprisingly never felt repetitive.  Movement felt sluggish at times, traveling back through already-explored rooms could feel tedious or slow.  The first five floor or so felt relatively the same, with the same enemy types, rooms, items.  Fortunately the perk system gives a sense of progression.  I didn't make it to the king but the game felt full as far as scope goes.

  • Slippery slope.

    First impressions are very good. Beautiful main menu, animations, pleasant graphics. Proper help screen start of the game. Good music.

    ...wait, I just read that cell is open and I can escape my prison. But how?! Pressig "F" to push away? Mouse buttons? <Quick peek at game page>. Ouh - main interaction key [space] is not listed on the help screen.

    Nice, I always wanted to play modern, procedurally generated, grid based, first person dungeon crawler. <3 There are even diagonals! And physics, wow! 

    I died. How? When? OK, I missed something... Try again.

    Wait, isn't it the very same dungeon? Meeeh... But maybe it's just intro, we'll see. (Spoiler alert: we won't.)

    That combat mechanics... Bump-to-attack works well for top-down roguelikes, but in first person, it feels clucky. I'd prefer to have special key to perform attack. Killed one goblin, then killed by rat.

    Try again.

    Killed goblin, killed rat (I can throw rocks, awesome!), restored some health by eating aplles and mushrooms (wait, these shrooms were magical, I got exp!), just to be killed by another goblin. It hurts.

    Ah, dungeon is not *exactly* the same, as interior of rooms change. But not the dungeon layout per se.

    I had enough. I can't be sure about game scope, or its roguelikeness, and I didn't even reach second room. But combat is clucky, game is hard, and every mistake is punished by death. I don't want to play this game anymore.

    But I see potential. Just improve the balance, and I'll give it another try, OK?

  • I feel lucky to have gotten to play this one, possibly even unlucky that it was my first and has set such a high bar. I like the idea of a first person 3d game that is still turn based, and found the environment relatively easy to interact with (except for some hard to reach items behind chests and furniture). The stealth aspect is good, and I appreciate the variety of combat strategies (noisemaking, throwing weapons, dual wield or sword+shield or...). Needing to pick up food to find out if it's poisoned was a bit awkward.

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I have just seen a video of this nice game on the channel of Rogueliker.

Jam Judge(+1)

This game really made me want to keep going once I got into it  :-)

The whole aesthetic was very nice and fit the game well.  I think the game could really benefit from a map of some sort.  I noticed a lot of dead end corridors, it would probably be more interesting for them to end in rooms.  

A few bugs you might be interested in:  At a few times enemies had gotten "stuck" in furniture, where I couldn't attack them and they didn't attack or chase me.  If you go downstairs and re-enter a level, it is possible to enter on the same tile as an enemy.  Also at one point the caps at the ends of a wall didn't generate (see below).

A fun game overall but the beginning felt slow so I wasn't eager to jump right back into it after dying deeper in the dungeon.  If you decide to continue development then I think some added variety would easily solve this and elevate the game.