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Purge Persist and ProfitView game page

Kill alien bugs for corporate gain!
Submitted by IBOL (@IBOL17) — 1 day, 7 hours before the deadline
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  • If there is a goal I couldn't find it. My best distance was 7.7 km.

    Completeness 4
    No bugs found.

    Aesthetics 2
    The tiles are ugly and make it hard to easily distinguish between enemies and backgrounds.
    Lots of options for movement. Needing to press Tab to cycle enemies is annoying, but the mindless gameplay means you don't need to worry about targeting very often.
    Disabling the Sticky Keys dialog is a must.

    Fun 2
    Most time is spent mindlessly steamrolling huge waves of enemies that pose no threat, but without warning the game can get hard.
    Grind money to make the game easier.

    Innovation 2
    Player has no melee attack.

    Scope 3
    A decent variety of enemies and items.

    Roguelikeness 4
    Turn/grid based
    Random maps
    RPG stats
    Some tactics/strategy
    Money builds up over multiple rounds

  • In Purge Persist & Profit, you fight alien bugs while trying not to run out of oxygen, ammo, and health. The oxygen acts a hunger clock and makes the game very tense. Combat is fairly simple, but there is an interesting mechanic where the aggression of enemies varies and they sometimes swarm you all at once.

     I ran into one bug where stats are sometimes not fully replenished at the end of a level (I think having to do with which input method you use). Not starting with full stats essentially makes those levels a death sentence. The sprites, sounds, and music are all great, but the aesthetics are really dragged down by 80% of the game on desktop being taken up by a grey background and a mobile interface. I did check out the game on Android and it was better there of course, but oddly enough there's still a grey wrapper around the game proper. I would much prefer movement be handled with swipes. Let the cool art take center stage!

    PP&P features an upgrade system where you get money from two sources: previous runs and global player activity. I found both ideas to be interesting and would possibly work to make the game more addictive, but they also make it much less roguelike. Gathering money seemed to be at odds with progressing and I didn't like having to choose between the two.

    On the whole, the game is great fun and there appears to be enough levels to keep you busy for a while. It's nice that it's playable on both desktop and mobile. The alien planet theme and resource management combine to make something worth checking out.

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Challenging game! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Big big congrats to you guys!!! Awesome job!!