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Demon Bathhouse RLView game page

Spirited Away inspired Puzzle Roguelike
Submitted by neontropics (@neontropics) — 1 day, 21 hours before the deadline

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  • The voxel style graphics are appealing, especially with the addition of lighting effects. The key-based map exploration can be frustrating with Metroid-era levels of backtracking. A bit more variety in enemies and terrain would really take this up a notch.

  • Good job on this! The lack of animations severely decreased my enjoyment of your game because I couldn't really tell what was going on a lot of the time, but it would definitely be fun with a little more polish.

    Completeness: 3. (Scale is 2-4 for all categories.) The only thing keeping this from a 4 is the lack of title/game over screens and animations, or some other way for the player to figure out the rules better.

    Aesthetics: Very pretty! But 3, not 4, due to the lack of visual feedback for anything, and the way-too-small text.

    Fun: 3. The mechanics mostly work well together, but a few things brought it down for me:

    • Once you pick a direction, half the keys become useless because they only let you backtrack without increasing your score
    • It's way too easy to die without knowing why; deaths in roguelikes ought to teach you something about the game
    • "get as far as you can" is not super compelling to me; it's the same set of concerns the whole way through until you die

    Innovation: Neat twist on the usual mechanics. 3

    Scope: Pretty much what you expect from a 7DRL. 3

    Roguelikeness: Is definitely a roguelike! 4

  • Visually wonderful - the fact you made a 3D roguelike in 7DRL conditions, even a simple 4 direction voxel graphics one is something to be commended. That as well the aesthetic looks good in such a limited graphics set, with effects of the steam off the bath just makes it more excellent.

    The gameplay is standard roguelike affair of walking into enemies, though the fact you have to strategize - hitting monsters side on to avoid damage and taking them through the springs to weaken them to blue added an extra element of thought to encounters. Wasn't able to find the ability to take out the laser enemies, but I liked you could hear the beginning of the sound effect the step before they fired - a good warning sign.

    I didn't progress particularly far in most of my runs as I kept getting distracted by the scenery and getting killed, or missing boxes and therefore keys, but I still enjoyed it. Escaping from a location is a good varient to the standard roguelike go deeper for loot, which I also appreciated.

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Lovely graphics! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Web Build available at as well! (need to click full screen to see everything)