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Submitted by Maurog with 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline

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  • Completeness:

    Snek definitely seems to be a complete and honorable homage to the classic real-time version of itself. A very faithful reproduction, that was completely bug-free and as polished as you could hope for in  a roguelike version of the arcade game


    The first impression was very fun, engaging and somehow nostalgic, even though Caribbean steel drums were never a part of the original snake game, as far as i'm aware. The  ascii was cute and each playfield/level had just enough texture to it that it stayed interesting.


    Easily a few orders of magnitude more fun than it's arcade-cousin. The addition of abilities to the snek that allow for actual strategy and tactics to come into your apple-collecting endeavors was a very clever addition. I would've liked to see just a bit more added to the "goal" side of the game. Merely collecting Lvl x 10 apples per floor as a goal got daunting and repetitive pretty quickly, though that might not be a totally fair criticism considering how much MORE repetitive the actual Snake game was!


    Nothing too crazy in terms of innovation to the genre as a whole, but in terms of innovating the "snake collects apples" genre, it is a masterpiece!


    At base level i was about to give this 2 stars, as the core of the game doesn't do too much that seems crazy for a 7 day challenge. But in looking at the animation for the wriggling snakes, and the inclusion of music and sound effects, I bumped up the score by one. The game is very complete in it's current state and though i wasn't quite able to get to the end (level 6 was my furthest), it seems to accomplish exactly what it set out to do


    Tis a roguelike, i declare!

  • Snake meets Rogue in this 7DRL where you play as a snake competing against others to eat fruit and grow longer.  

    High level of polish.  No bugs encountered.

    Very attractive animated ASCII-esque tiles and appropriate music.  Clear UI and instructions.

    The Snake/Roguelike mashup is interesting to play and quite fun for a while, but the parts borrowed from snake turn out to be fairly superficial in that you can flip direction whenever you want and rarely have to worry about trapping yourself.  Managing enemy aggro is the most interesting part of the game.  There is not a great deal of variety and it can become fairly repetetive after a few levels.

    A novel combination of Snake and Roguelike gameplay.

    Fairly limited content, only really the bare minimum necessary to successfully explore the central concept.

    Has a more arcade feel than most Roguelikes, but I would say it qualifies.

  • This is a fun and cute little game. I like the cleanness of the user interface, and although the graphics are simple they work very well. My only complaint with the game is that the difficulty ramp is slow. I didn't find the game challenging until around level 5. Before that point, the levels felt about the same in difficulty, while after level 5 they were noticeably more difficult. However, I didn't feel like the game was unfairly difficult, but this slower ramp is why I gave the fun factor a score of 3 instead of 4. It also seems as though the difficulty increase does not involve new content but larger levels and more enemies (consistent with how the game Snake functions). This is good, but I felt it only warranted an average scope score (3).

    I didn't complete the game, nor could I tell if there was an ending point to it, but regardless the game feels complete and polished. Also, I really like the idea of taking a non-roguelike game (Snake in this case) and turning it into a roguelike. In this case, Snek Trek is a very good roguelike version of Snake, following what I would consider all the necessary criteria of a roguelike (hence a score of 4) and also being quite innovative as a 7DRL (also score of 4).

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Fun game! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Now with music and sound! Check it out.