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Headax published a game 361 days ago
A downloadable game.
Welcome, We made this game for 48hJam of march 2018. It's not pretty, some things may not works, but it's what it is. By Headax, Eliana, Lexo18, hippomegaphone
Nerfherder published a game 361 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
You are a time traveling robot trying to go back in time to warn humanity of its destruction. how to play: doge the astroids, pick up yellow orbs to regen, purple for rocket repair. controlls: WASD - movement Space-stop all movement R-r...
NilC published a game 361 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
You are a robot which was left on self-destorying starship. Thanks God you have Time Traveler 4000 and Time Freezers. They will drop automaticly near items which can be freezed. W, A, S, D or arrows — Move Space — Jump E — Action On...
A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.
Well, all we are coming alone in this world, and passing also. In this short prototype you can enjoy little platformer adventure of lyric hero, who's trying to find his love, but being hurt by fakes, but happy end is about him :D Featuring...
Geta published a game 362 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
Made in 48 hours for '48 Secret Jam - March 2018' Your family's honor is being seized by invaders. Fight against the opposing warriors in this action-packed, medieval fighting game. Find new swords as you fend off the waves of enemies. Crea...
A downloadable memory.
MEMO_0000: welcome back home, alconia. we have sent you ten years into the future to figure out a selection of problems. it is comprised into one section : extinction. those damn bypassers time blocked the zone at the exact moment of final...