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A jam submission

Aster Combat DemoView game page

Made for 2019 Epic MegaJam
Submitted by Dito Seregin (@terzalo) — 28 minutes, 12 seconds before the deadline
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Aster Combat Demo's page

Team Name
Space Skeletons & Co.

Gameplay Instructions

WASD - Move
LShift - Sprint
E - Create wall and ammo
LMB - Stun attack
RMB - Throw a nearby stone (hold to charge)
] - Spawn an enemy
[ - Remove an enemy
H - Show/hide controls
Esc - Quit

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Quixel Megascans

Icelandic Scattered Rocks 2x2 M
Icelandic Mossy Lava Pebbles 2x2 M
Icelandic Sand With Pebbles 2x2 M
Icelandic Sand And Rocks 2x2 M

Plant Perennials
Dry Elephant Ear
Dead Fan Palm Leaf
Compost 2x2 M

Huge Islandic Lava Cliff
Huge Islandic Volcanic Cliff
Icelandic Rock assembly
Icelandic Rock

Fabric Carpet
Wild Grass 2x2 M
Cape Weed
Heavily Scratched Metal 2x2 M
Silver Birch Bark
Old Velvet Cloth
Green Cloth
Bay Leaf
Smooth Green Lime



Big Hit To Head
Dodging Right
Elbow Punch
Frisbee Throw
Jog Backward Diagonal
Jog Backward
Jog Forward Diagonal Left
Jog Forward Diagonal Right
Jog Forward
Jog Strafe Left
Jog Strafe Right
Left Strafe Walking
Leg Sweep
One Hand Club Combo
Right Strafe Walking
Standing 1H Magic Attack 03
Standing 2H Cast Spell 01
Standing Melee Attack Horizontal
Two Hand Spell Casting
Walking Backward



Footsteps, Asphalt, Sneaker, Fast
Design, Whoosh, Airy, Short 2
Design, Whoosh, Airy, Short 9
Design, Whoosh, Airy, Short 11
Earthquake, Impact, Crack 01
Earthquake, Impact, Crack 03
Earthquake, Impact, Crack 04
Rocks, Stones, Small, Pile, Debris, Fall Down 4
Impact, Rock, Fall, Hit Ground, Forest Floor 2
Impact, Rock, Small, Hit Solid Ground 1
Impact, Rock, Small, Hit Solid Ground 2
Impact, Rock, Small, Hit Solid Ground 3
Impact, Rock, Small, Hit Solid Ground 4
Impact, Rock, Small, Hit Solid Ground 5
Human, Fight, Punch, Cloth 02
Human, Fight, Punch, Cloth 04
Design, Punch, Body 02
Design, Punch, Body 07
Design, Punch, Face 03

Link to Gameplay Footage

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hahaha this is really cool