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Not being able to finish on time

A topic by Tommybridge created 95 days ago Views: 52 Replies: 1
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It's been a pleasure joining this jam! However, I won't upload my game before the deadline since...

In my country, the time is 6:00 p.m. The deadline is tommorow at 1:00 a.m. Plus, my family is gonna go to a wedding reception soon. So, I'm not able to submit my project on time. I will still upload it but it won't be part of the jam. The reason why 1 week isn't enough is because I did not joined the game jam. Only four days after the game jam started, I checked out this game (called "Out From The White") and it was part of jam! So, I decided to follow and finally work on a proper game and actually release it (that's what good about game jams)

Since of the late join, I will upload my game after the jam ends (it won't be a part of the jam but that's ok) I really enjoyed my time on this jam as my sister and I work on the game! (this game jam actually force me to work and not slack off. I also FINALLY able to release a proper game) So, my game will be released tommorow or the day after that. I can't wait for the next game jam! (please let it be soon~) I will work on a more gameplay less story game for the next 2-button jam! (plus I will join early this time) Until then, thanks for the experience!

Game link: coming soon


Either that, or you can submit a WIP and then update it later.
In any case, happy to learn that you enjoyed the experience, see you for the next jam, I'm thinking about another concept, we'll see that ;)