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Haven't I done this before?

A topic by Laaph created Dec 07, 2018 Views: 111 Replies: 1
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Can I submit my Ludum Dare 34 game, which had the same theme?


Congrats for your game! But, well, there's nothing to win. The point here is to create new games :D

Submitting it "as it is" would not be very interesting (you can still do it), but if you take some time to upgrade it (and make a HTML version if possible?) that would be great!

A theme will be given to allow for unique new games. That won't be mandatory but it's always better to see new stuff. If you want to submit this game without updating it (as long as it happens just once in the "2-buttons jam" history, that makes some sense), you can still also take some time to create/join a team and make a new game with the same constraints ;)

In any case, have fun!