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A free roam, action adventure game set in a retro-future world that has fallen into decay.
Submitted by AllyJamy — 4 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Games for Impact#14.6254.625
Judge's Choice#1n/an/a
Gamer's Choice#1n/an/a
Graphic Design#24.7504.750
Developer's Vote#24.6254.625
RPG Maker Game of the Month#43.8753.875
Character Design#44.2504.250
Sound Effect#64.1254.125

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • another fantastic game for the game jam, lovely graphics, very fun game play, i like the aspect of having two choices when upgrading because it leaves a choice of what you want and what would be best
  • Extremely cool and unique! Really extended the bounds of what RPG Maker can do. Love the artstyle and overall direction
  • Really great storyline, graphics and open world shooter style RPG. Character design is great and cool. Making enemy sprites are good enough but the wolf has too much noise. Instructions are great enough and animations are great too. This game considered one of the best and most influential action-adventure and open world sci-fi RPG Maker games of 2019.

Which RPG Maker Engine are you using
VX Ace *unrelated but press F5 to go fullscreen :)

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Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Sup. I played for a couple of hours and had a few thoughts:

- The manual is legit very cool.
- Titlescreen is very snazzy. I like the subtle wave effect on the title.
- Intro cutscene was short and sweet. It doesn't tell us much, but it kicks off
a bit of intrigue.
- Good for showing the controls in the game! For an RPGM jam, it's totally
unnecessary, but for other people that will play in the future, it's always a
good thing to include.
- I like the separate animations for running, idle and walking. Adds a nice bit
of extra life to the game.
- Same for the varied footstep sounds.
- The item shop's inventory is quite unorganized. Ordering them by type (healing
items, weapons, ammo, etc) would look a lot nicer and be easier to navigate.
- I like the graphics. It's a bit rough and amateurish, but the amount of detail
is really nice.
- The RTP sound effects are much louder than everything else. Consider reducing
their volume so they're more consistent.
- The wolf enemies make too much noise! Having them howl constantly is really
annoying. I'd really suggest you give them a subtler noise or just get rid of
- I love all the bits of lore strewn about like the graffiti, abandoned tanks,
messages left by wanderers, etc. I admit I don't really understand what's going
on, but I'm enjoying figuring it out with being interrupted by an exposition
- The moving platform in the northern dungeon could be faster. It's annoying to
wait for it to come back around.
- The big sliding blocks are a pain to get through. Maybe make the timing more
- Really appreciating the autosave function lol.
- Combat is simple but works fairly well with RPGM's tile based movement. It's
pretty clunky, but once you get into a hit-and-run rhythm it's fun!
- The difficulty could use some tweaking. I couldn't find any enemies that
dropped money, except the robot that shoots missiles in the southern dungeon. I
mention this because I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong because after
the infected and wolf monsters, everything felt too strong. I couldn't afford to
buy a bunch of healing items without grinding on the robots and likewise for new
weapons/armor. I ended up going north and running past the obese infected until
I got the laser pistol. After that it was more manageable (and I found money in
boxes and chests in the dungeon) until I encountered those moving block things
that instantly kill you. I lost my patience there lol. But once I got that
pistol things really started taking off and I felt like the game was getting
into its stride. Before that, I was having fun wandering, but it was a bit
discouraging to not find any money for upgrades and running into monsters that
were too strong.

I understand wanting an open world game, but I felt too
powerless without an achievable goal to get stronger. My only viable option was to
stumble upon that northern dungeon and get the laser pistol.
If you want my advice, I would make the game linearly force you to explore the
northern dungeon so you get a side arm and a source of money and THEN let you
explore the wider world. Give the player some tools to work with first.

Anyway, very ambitious game with some rough edges, but fundamentally a fun game.
Keep working on it and you'll end up with something great!


Hey thanks for your feedback!  I'll definitely take into account your gripes with sources of money. In the south east area, there are raiders which drop 50 Est every time they are killed, and they respawn if you go in and out of the area. So it is possible to grind them. There is also an alternative (weaker) sidearm that you can obtain straight off the bat after the introduction with only travelling one area outside Progress City. and yes, I will certainly fix the sounds. (especially the wolves)

Thanks for playing!