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Everything To Know About This Jam Sticky

A topic by RttStudio created Nov 28, 2016 Views: 257
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This is the second edition of the 12 hour jam.

This Jam Goals:

1. Be a short Jam for people who can't use all their week-end for a jam.

2. Act as a challenge to see what you can accomplish in 12 hours.

Rules :

1.Create your game in 12 hours.

2.If you submit a game, please take time to try and comment other people entries.


On the day of the jam, a theme will be announced (inspiration purpose only),

you are totally free to make a game that have no link to the theme.


If nothing changes, entry voting will be possible, each entry will be rated on the followings

(criteria may be added or removed)





Time Zone :

Whatever time zone you live in,
you should start at 10:00 and stop at 22:00 on the 3rd december.
If I did this correctly, every timezone should be able to submit their work.
The hours you pick to make your game doesn't matter, just time yourself 12 hours.

Place for modifications :

As we approach the jam day, I will add more information as needed.


If you have any questions you can ask them here or contact me on twitter @RTTStudio


Banner Created by InkedSplat , Thank you for that :)