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When do I start?

A topic by XenoRocket created Mar 02, 2018 Views: 193 Replies: 5
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Do we start making the game when the jam starts? Or is it now?

That's all. Thanks!


When the game jam starts! Thanks for asking!


Thanks! Oh, and - if I have something like:

if (argument1 && !argument1 && argument2 = 1) 

does it still count as a single line? Or do I have to seperate the arguments? 


Ya that's definitely 1 line. It's just an if statement however, when you make a scope to go with your if statement you have to create new lines as stated on the game jam page.

your game wouldn't work cause you are checking if the first argument is true and false ;D

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Whoops! I was intending:

if (argument0 && !argument1 && argument2 = 1)  !

Thanks for pointing that out!