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nickwarner published a project 1 year ago
A downloadable project.
It's the OFFICIAL Lindsay Rall Soundboard! Play 98 awesome things that she said at some point! Compatible with the 1000 Button Project controller! COOL! Play it online here: If you have a 1000 Butt...
R25th published a game 1 year ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
Hello! 100 Button Paintbrush is a program that allows for "art" creation using 100 buttons. More specifically, it allows to be used with Amanda Hudgins' 100 Button Prototype for #1000ButtonProject (100 Button version can be viewe...
mildmojo published a server 1 year ago
A downloadable server.
This is a server that exposes @barelyconcealed 's 1000 Button Project hardware as a web API. Easily make games for the 100 Button Game Jam , even if you don't have access to the hardware for testing. How on earth can my game talk to custom...