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This is a game jam for a one of a kind game controller, a prototype for the in progress piece #1000ButtonProject. The prototype board is a 100 button board, with 14 columns of 7 rows of buttons, and 2 additional buttons to the side. 

What Kind of Game Can I Make 

Do you have a game idea? Cool, I want to see it on the board. I've talked to a lot of people since the board first started construction, and the one commonality is that everyone has a good idea of what you can do with 100 buttons. Want to make a vaporwave style racer where you drive through the world and somehow navigate with 100 buttons? Perfect. A game like B.U.T.T.O.N. or Simon Says where you and several friends compete in challenges involving as many of the buttons as possible? Adorable.  A dream like simulator where each button press gives you a new randomly generated line of story? Radical. 

Currently the only game constructed for the board is a 2 person 2D fighter where each button registers as a different attack, creative effect, or sound. If you wanted to remake that, you're more than welcome to.

Have a game you've already constructed and just want to port it over to the board? Awesome, I'd love to hear about those projects. 

Dry Technical Details About the Board

It looks like this: 

The board is hooked up to to 2 Arduinos and the information is routed through USB devices to a PC. For the original game that was made for this project, we used Unity and I am sharing the connective code for Unity and the controller. I will be posting it in the upcoming week and it will be available then. If you want to have it before then, email me at amandalhudgins at

The board reads each input of every button, they're all wired separately. Ideally if you hit all of them simultaneously it would still register to the system. 

If anyone takes this as an opportunity to connect the board to other types of engines, I would appreciate that and be happy to post the code on this page and in the forums for this jam. 

To What End 

I'm not sure. Part of me wants to make a mini-game collection of these games, playable on the board through a launcher, so that when the board travels places (it's already been to three events in the last month) there are options to play on it. 

How Will I Test My Game 

Since the controller is one of a kind, I plan on having several live stream events where you can send in a build of your game and it will be tested on live stream. Depending on the amount of people who plan on participating, I will have a few stretched out throughout the month. 

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Control with the #1000ButtonProject 100 Button Prototype!
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