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Games like RPGenesis - Honra Entre Ladrões (Honor Among Thieves)

Being a stray dog, your goal is to survive on the streets and avoid getting caught by the dog catcher.
Aventuras de Bolso é um jogo onde um grupo de amigos se juntam para contar as aventuras dos seus heróis.
A TRPG about young Keepers and their mentor traveling the world to learn about Sanubari, Faërie and their creatures.
A TTRPG about exploring the cosmos and the mind
Tell the story of how you become a Mage.
Um jogo de viagens perdidas no tempo, e as histórias contadas para as relembrar, fazendo uso de peças de dominó
A game about exploring a dark place and what hides within... and the trauma it involves.
A small guide with some tips on how to prepare for the annual RPGenesis jam.
A solo journaling game about a witch finding a home.
How to use Tarot Cards for brainstorming to design roleplaying game adventures, worlds, and stories.
a tabletop story game about witches saving something beautiful together
a solitaire journaling game of existential dread
Mix potions to remedy your preternatural patients' mystic ailments.
Solo journaling game and GM supplement.
Na fantasia podemos ajudar as crianças a reflectir sobre problemas reais que as rodeiam.
A roleplaying game based on Monte Cook's "the world's shortest adventure"
A one-player TTRPG based on a dream about being a ghost
Fight epic battles in the skies of World War One!