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Games like The Salt Traders

An RPG about wreaking havoc in the afterlife
Somewhere in New Jungle, the Big Boss searches for the Power.
A game about what you'll lose for the people you care about, & giant robots
Tabletop RPG: Mecha pilots, stranded on an island.
A mecha rpg of horror, survival and sacrifice.
Delivery Goblins Run Flatpacks in a Hostile World
A monthly fantasy RPG zine with adventure sites & NPCs
18 Troika backgrouns, 7 adventures, an asteroid field & carousing rules
An unwise scavenger. For TROIKA!
A TROIKA! background
A Troika! Background
A calamity waiting to happen again. A background for Troika!
All hail the unknowable solar lord
A TroikaJam supplement made with minimal knowledge of the game.
A Troika! Background Made w/ Machine Learning
A custom character background for the Troika! Background Jam