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Games like #iHunt: The Chosen One - PHYSICAL OR DIGITAL NOVEL

A Psychic Road Trip Novel
Five stories for the price of one story that's as long as these five stories!
A San Jenaro Urban Folktale
Introductory System-Agnostic TTRPG Horror Adventure
The #iHunt Season One compilation, featuring the first seven #iHunt zines.
Guide to hacking games based on Blades in the Dark
A Southern California Gothic Novel
A paradoxical hexcrawl for INTO THE BLACK
Easy entry point and table reference including a fully playable adventure and pre-generated crew of hunters!
A Parlor Game About Ghosts and their Stories
Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy
Fixes every rules-light RPG in the world
Exclusive art and sketches from the making of Cat Wishes, with author commentary!