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Games like The Many Roots of Desire

A Tale of Puppets and Princes
An illustrated light novel about dealing with anxiety, cats, and gender feels
An illustrated light novel short story compilation about magic, witches, familiars, and gender feels
They Told Me I Could Have The Hand Of A Princess If I Saved The Kingdom, But I Think I Misunderstood What They Meant?
A young trans girl finds herself the "victim" of a cuteness curse, with some beastial effects!
Stories of Romance and Robots
Cyberpunk Bartender Action
Visual Novel
A magical plague builds, and one doctor may need a little help to stop it.
An illustrated light novel about squids, maids, squid maids, and gender feels
A LONG-distance poly queer relationship.
Short speculative illustrated fiction
A queer light novel about healing, new beginnings, finding and forming chosen family, transition and choices.
Third annual anthology of kinky smut!