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Games like And They'll Hear You When It's Done

Magic saves the multiverse!
a tabletop game about trying to escape from superficially pleasant but sinister villages
a small tabletop game about being (or lying about being) a time traveler
A tabletop storytelling game about weird sitcom episodes that will never air.
A new class for 5e with much much more
a decidedly un-heroic pen-and-paper dungeon crawl
A solitary game about building The Machine Of Your Dreams
A Storytelling (Pen-and-Paper) Exploration Game for Exactly One Player
A Storytelling Game Of Cloaks, Daggers, And Unspeakable Powers
A dexterity game for one worker & one boss (cat)
A deck of invented occupations.
a universal, percentile based, tabletop roleplaying game
A Game of Misguided Heroics and Heroic Misadventures
An improvisational, tarot-based tabletop role-playing game
A game about setting goals, doing one's best, and living with an inexorable curse.
A Game Of Metamorphosis and Synchronicity
How can you just sit there and eat pizza!?
A diceless, GMless story game about an immortal hermit.