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Games like The Secret of Tremendous Corporation

Be a detective on a case of finding love (Warsaw Film School Game Jam)
Eat hay!
Protect your artistic integrity! (Ludum Dare 32 Jam)
Save the world from manipulation on Fejsbug™ (Edukaton - "Pół prawdy to całe kłamstwo")
Two clocks play with time by playing with the ball! (Warsaw Film School Game Jam 3)
Unleash the rage. (Nomad Game Jam)
Sell boiled corn on a beach (Nomad Game Jam)
Party game for 3-∞ players. Navigate the maze using others' eyes. (Global Game Jam 2016)
As the title says. In VR (or not)! (Disco:VR Game Jam)
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Time is changing. Don't let it. Break as many time-changing clocks as you can! (0h Game Jam 2017)
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You are the door. Get the people through you. (Nomad Game Jam)
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The legend about a railway traveling horse (Palace Game Jam 2017)
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You are the hurdle (Gamedev.js Game Jam)
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