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Games like Doctor von Wissenschäftler Strikes Again

Save the game industry (Global Game Jam 2015)
Two clocks play with time by playing with the ball! (Warsaw Film School Game Jam 3)
Unleash the rage. (Nomad Game Jam)
Sell boiled corn on a beach (Nomad Game Jam)
Retrieve the children! (Warsaw Film School Game Jam 2)
There are no chosen ones.
Role Playing
Get the fruits, row row row!
Infernal headbutts!
Can Gigi the Vintage Personality Girl and Lemon the Action Girl pull off a show? Only time will tell!
Visual Novel
You are the door. Get the people through you. (Nomad Game Jam)
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Run for sushi as a hot dog dog!
Storytime is a 2017 Visual Novel story based on bedtime stories.
Visual Novel
Necromancer's apprentice
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Pancake Surprise! is a story that is set in the kingdom of Azaliea where you'll meet the one and only Pancake Prince.
Visual Novel
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