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Games like Nothing Personnel: Isekai, but make it Grim Dark, but Make it Parody

Magical girls are real, but the pay sucks! Join the Union of Magical Girls.
Role Playing
Be a witch. Make a coven. Do witchy things.
A collection of BPB Games' 5e designs. Dozens of archetypes, long and short adventures, magic items, and more!
a d&d 5e setting for the 176th layer of the abyss
A hack of What's So Cool About Outer Space?
4 new witchy subclasses, and a brand new background
A wonderous world of dreams awaits you.
Scoob & Shag inspired roleplaying
Take on the role of brand new mahou and stop the evil Empress Grenadier in this four part adventure!
Washington Irving inspired microgame adapted from Jason Tocci's 24XX
D&D's travel rules are terrible. These aren't. The journey should matter, and it does now.
Magical girls and cat cafes!
Role Playing
3 All Dice Tables that provide life-changing events for NPCs while the party was away.
A hack of The Quiet Year to make it about Blaseball.
The TTRPG about Kids and their Monster friends!
A TTRPG about Mary Sues