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Bilingual Freelancer (English - Portuguese)

Hi, dear game developers! My name is Alex Bridge and I want to work for you for free!

I'm a young English Tutor in Brazil. I post content related to English Learning & Teaching on my Instagram and TikTok pages. They are still small accounts - yet to bloom. But I will always put 100% of effort into everything I work on, including my social media accounts. In addition to that, I'm in my freshman year of college to become a Licensed English Teacher working inside public schools. To sum it all up, I have plenty of experience studying and working with both English and Portuguese.

With that in mind, I know the title of this post sounds a bit crazy - clickbaity, even. Why wouldn't want to charge you for my work? What do I have to gain in this?  Why should you trust me? Well, let's talk about it!

I'm not charging you any dollar for my work because most developers here are working on a low-budget. The reason to why I'm doing this is that I want the experience of working on a videogame. Reading my name on the end credits scene of a game would do wonders to my portfolio and self-confidence. And, finally, you can trust my words because many others are already doing it! I have a list of collaborators who are consistently supporting my work.

Adding one more language option to your game is a great choice! Your game becomes accessible, your community expandsyour product stands out as a more professional and well-structured piece of work above others!

Accepting offers to work on: PCWebMobileSocial Media Posts; Subtitles and more! If you're interested, contact me!

Instagram: alex_mbridge     -     TikTok: alex_bridge_     -     Email:

Thank you for your time. I hope we can make this happen. ❤️ 

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