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To All Developers!

I'm officially translating videogames! From English to Portuguese (PT - BR) and vice-versa. My English is advanced but I would not dare to say it is fluent. My portuguese, however, is fluent. I have a great understanding of common language, street language and formal language.  

I'm available to work right now! Because most of the Developers here are indie, I accept visibility, money and exposure as ways of payment for my services. Most importantly, my work will make more people understand your ideas!

If you're interested, you can contact me via: EMAIL @axmariano and DISCORD Death Xp#0908

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PS: I could say I have fluent English, but I believe the word shows arrogance and a lack of self awareness. Only natives and a few english students from outside the country can say they have fluent English. It has been quite a few years since I started learning English, but not a decade. Because of that, I need to stay humble and understand the limits of my knowladge, limits that will be broken with more research and study.