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About my Work - Sobre o meu Trabalho (ENG - PT BR)

Olá! My name is Alex, I work as a Freelance Translator and I'd like to be part of your next project!

I have plenty of experience and knowledge with both English and Portuguese, more especifically American English and Brazilian Portuguese. I was born in Brazil and here I even worked as a English Teacher at Conceito  Formação Profissional Montenegro. 

Adding one more language option to your game is a great choice! Your game becomes accessible to more people, your community grows biggeryour product stands out as a more professional and well-structured piece of work above others!

I know that most developers might think that translating an entire game must cost a lot but there is no need to worry. I'm passionate about translating and working with different languages the same way you are passionate about developing games! Even with a small or symbolic pay we can still work together!

Accepting offers to work on: PC games; Web games; Mobile games; Social Media Posts; Subtitles and more! If you're interested send me a message!

Email:    -     Discord:  Death Xp#0908

Até mais! <3

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