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The Winter Sale and Tabletop Selects bundle start now!

Welcome to the Winter Sale!

It’s a year end tradition for us, but we’re excited to announce it every time. We’ve partnered with developers across the side to offer hundreds of discounts on games, RPGs, assets, tools, and more! 

From now until the 5th of January at 10am PT you can pick up all of your new favorites for less. 

Want to check out everything on sale? There’s a page for that right here!

But that’s not all, we’ve corralled 5 incredible tabletop RPGs into one brand new Selects Bundle! This runs alongside the sale and can be yours for $10

Pick up these 5 games for just $10


Dive into the surreal in AZAG. Based on Lovecraft's Dream Cycle, and Conan this Weird Sword and Sorcery game is set to be one of the stranger things you'll play this year. Take a break from the normal with what promises to be an unforgettable adventure.


Ever want to go back to a time when sci-fi was full of chrome and weirdly humanoid robots? What about that era when sci-fi was pulpy and the ceiling for "high tech" was just a little lower? 2400 is your lo-fi sci-fi RPG (the dev's words) set to blast your crew off into the stars with as little fuss as possible. This plug and play ruleset comes with 19 different modules so you and your party can pick the right one for you.

Brave Zenith

Brave Zenith is one of the more unique TTRPGs you're likely to play. The developer describes it as " world inspired by Brazilian culture and long summer nights playing JRPGs on a pirated PS1" and I can't find any better words to describe it. Do battle against Capymeras and other wild creatures as half a dozen strange classes while living in this strange apocalyptic world.

This is guaranteed to be one of the most unique adventures your party ever goes on.


If playing one character isn't enough for you, try playing two. .Dungeon is a game where you play a person playing a game. Yeah, meta. Fans of .hack will know this exact setup because your character is both a normal human and the character they're playing inside of a digital world. The two aspects of your player characters will blend together and inform each other in this approachable analog-digital romp.

Liminal Horror

If you've been online lately you may have heard about those famous Backrooms, or those wild Liminal Spaces. Now what if you could travel these strange places with a party of your friends? Enter: Liminal Horror. All of your favorite trappings of the genre are here to make your dark winter nights just a little spookier!

Pick up the Winter Tabletop Selects Bundle here.

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Would it be possible to add the "Feed" link to the dropdown menu under a members name? Since this promotion started I have been unable to access the feed due to screen size. Thanks.

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