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Announcing the Lunar New Year Sale and Selects Bundle!

We’re done with rats, now it’s time to embrace 2021 with the strength of the ox! Happy Lunar New Year everyone! We’re celebrating by partnering with developers to put thousands of games on sale. 

You can check out the discounted games on the site here, but if you’re looking for a bunch of our favorite games on discount then look no further than theLunar New Year Selects Bundle!

From now until February 16th at 10am PT you can get the following 6 games for $7:

Baba is You:

Baba is a rabbit in a world of puzzles. Baba is You. Baba is sometimes lava, walls, goals, keys, and anything else you can imagine. Baba is also one of the best puzzle games ever made. Rewrite the rules of the world and solve a series of absolutely ingenious puzzles by turning walls into lava, rocks into doors, or even baba into the goal. If that’s not enough puzzling antics for you you can check out the beta for the level editor so the fun never has to end.

Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard: 

The second in this bundle’s trilogy of animal-themed experiences is Frog Detective 2. Solve crimes with the cutest amphibian investigator and fall in love with a small, wacky down of colorful characters. If you’ve ever wanted to do some detecting but find murder just a bit too gross then you’ll absolutely love everything the Frog Detective has to offer.

Frog Fractions and Hop’s Iconic Cap DLC:

If your New Year’s resolution was to get better at math, then we here at have your back. Check out the world’s best edutainment adventure about a frog doing math and getting wacky upgrades like laser vision and a cool flying dragon (make sure you pick up the cool flying dragon!) 

To sweeten the deal we’ve also thrown in a cool hat for the frog!

Faith Chapter II:

Happy Halloween everyone! Wait, this isn’t a Halloween bundle? Well have a horror game anyway! Faith Chapter II is a standalone sequel to the ultra-popular retro horror game that redefined what kinds of scares the Apple II was capable of.

Fans of horror should brace themselves because Faith Chapter II manages to pack a powerful sense of dread in such a small package. Check it out if you dare.

10 Beautiful Postcards:

The title is 10 Beautiful Postcards, but you’re getting more than just postcards: you’re getting 10 surreal and strange adventures all bundled together. Nothing I write here will be enough to prepare you for what’s waiting inside. As the catchy theme tune suggests: this is 10 reasons not to stay in bed. 

Get ready for whatever 10 Beautiful Postcards is.

Quiet as a Stone:

If that last one was a bit too manic for you, it’s time to chill out with Quiet as a Stone. Build beautiful worlds in a quiet meditative space to interact with. Like pruning a bonsai tree you can look down on these dioramas, see how they grow, and tweak them just so. If that’s not enough you can also do some mining and discover resources to make your dioramas even more pleasant. 

Need to chill out? This is your game. 

Pick up the Lunar New Year Selects Bundle now.

In this post and 6 others
6 items for $31.97 $7.00 (save 78%)
Bundle ended 2021-02-16T18:00:00Z

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In this post and 6 others
6 items for $31.97 $7.00 (save 78%)
Bundle ended 2021-02-16T18:00:00Z

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