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Known Bugs Sticky Locked

A topic by bitblitter created Sep 10, 2020 Views: 109
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Developer (3 edits)


  • Some users report being unable to switch to fullscreen mode (alt-enter)
  • Some users report being unable to close the application window through the window closer (X) button or from the task bar while entering the "quit" command on the command line (or hitting ctrl-q) works fine


  • You can use the sprite system in all video modes but only mode 2 works correctly. This is due to missing functionality in the drivers. 


  • When copying more than one line of text (using the MARK and ctrl-c) into the clipboard, the cursor jumps back up to the start of the copied area when it was at the end while hitting ctrl-c

Windows Installer

  • Some virus scanners report the installer as malware. This is a false positive. Sadly this is quite common with executable, self extracting installers (particularly those created with NSIS, because that system seems to be also very popular with all those wonderful people on the internet, that spend their time creating malware (sarcasm!). I am checking all my installers on and only a small group of the (more exotic) scanners produce this false positive. Latest VirusTotal check of the Micro16 Windows Installer