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Hell Rising - My implementation of the game

A topic by Misterm created Sep 03, 2020 Views: 603 Replies: 23
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Hi All,

I decided to make a game on this jam and I selected Hell Rising

To follow the theme I will make a game where your player has to kill the "ghosts" trough some levels in a platform game.

For the tiles I decided to generate them with my own free software (

The Main player is a Warrior Girl and I making the graphics in Krita 

And all the animation directly in Unity

Here is my progress so far, I will work on the main player in the next days and after I will start to make some enemies.

Today I added some animations to the main player 

and I have updated the tiles.

Today I started to make some objects in the scene.. plant that interact with the player ..and parallax effect

I am still working on the parallax background , I am using Krita (free software

A really cool option is  the menut View >> Wrap around mode..  this is great to draw the borders of the parallax in order to repeat the image without cutting lines ...

I wanted also to create my own font and I use the free service (for 1 font) of

You can download a png as a template , you draw your fonts.

and after you get a font in format TTF to use with unity.

And now all my game uses my own font..

Today I didn't have too much time to dedicate to the game. I work on the animations (jump and landing) + new objects on the scene.

This is the pushing animation

Also started to create the first enemies

I have created a psd file in Krita and imported to unity.

After I did 4 animations.

  • Idle
  • Fight
  • Hit
  • Move

I normally move the objects and change the face for differents expressions.

The 3 colors dots that you seed are used to detect the ground(red) and the objects near (blue)...the orange to detect if the platform finishes soon (to avoid going down)


Also I started to create the Evil face (still work on progress... also he will have some facial movements

I normally draw in Krita with many layers and I save in PSD format (photoshop) and Unity import them without issues.. this is great to avoid to export every time in png format. 

Today I added the ability to pick up the weapons .. each weapon will have a different power against the enemies

Started also the AI for some enemies

Today I dedicated my time to create the map for the different levels .

I draw a map on Krita.

After I created all the different representation of the levels:

At the end I put all of them in Unity

(1 edit)

Today I didn't work so much.

Now the player can climb in some places

Also because I was lazy to develop I started to draw the game introduction... I need to write some text.

Today I added the lives to the player.. he can lose lives and died when hit objects and enemies.

Also I started to add some effects (dust when you jump and blood when you are hit).

Today I didn't have too much time to dedicate to the game but I did couple of things :

An annoying fly 

And also now I can hit the little devil. I am not so sure about the last effect.. I will improve it tomorrow..

I  have started to create the first level with a wizard for the user.

The game starts on the beach, I have still to polish the graphics and add the background

I have created the new yellow (sand tiles) for the new level with my free software MR Tiles Master ( )


And I have imported to unity and added to a Tile Palette.

Now I will start to draw the first level.

I started the make the first level as a tutorial of how how to play to the game.. also I have polished the player movements.

(sorry for the image but i reduce the size for limitation of this blog)

Better git at:

Today i work a lot on graphics for the introduction and first level.

And also the second level.

I have couple of issues to solve with the main player movements and I still have to finish enemies and objects to interact..

Today I didn't have time to dedicate to the game, I did the option to enter to places..


Today I was creating the first level with some effects and door to access to one place to other place

Adding also some new tiles.

I have still to improve the atmosphere adding some little animals (rats, spiders,etc) and also improve the combat system.

I solve some sliding issues of the player.

Also I will add some people that will speak to the player and give some advices about his adventure.

Adding new rooms to the first level, also improving the player movements

Adding some dungeon traps ...

Today I didn't have too much times.. added a new trap.

Yesterday I started to add more details (rain and lightning) and improving the parallax.

This slow down the game that why I worked on the backgrounds to improve the game performance I splitted the levels in areas that are enabled when the player goes inside (green ones) below.

Also I created an object to move to one place to another (to use for the doors) I draw a red line on the unity editor to check if goes to the right place.

On the image below you can see how the player moves between areas are enables/disable objects on the map.

Also I added the ability to "double jump" with somersault (you can see the unity animation.. I have to clean up it a little bit)

I will work now on keys to open the doors and some more details.. also the big boss of the first level.

Today I did 4 new features:

1) Add the keys to the doors.

2) A Vase that you can destroy to get a random object

3) Some object give you lives.

4) Finish a level and move on the map of finished levels to select the level to play.

In the last couple of days I am adding music and sounds to the game using FMOD (it is free for projects under 500K budget).

I am quite new with the argument but after I little bit I started to understand how to implement it.

 Ramsey Johnson  - and Adrian Karmanski created a FMOD project and I started to implement the sound in the game.

FMOD has a lot of features that can improve the quality of the sound, you can change speed of the sound, have multi instrument, define loop s,etc.

You have to add the unity package and select the project.

After you can add the FMOD studio Listener to your camera

and start to play.

You can add sound on event on any object, you decide which event play the sound and which events stop it.

On the "Event" you can see the same tree that you have in FMOD.


Of course you can play with code: I am following the steps on : 

The idea is to change the speed of the sound when the player walk or run. 

I will continue to work with it in the next days.

In the last couple of days I was quite busy with the music and Fmod.

This was the video I did 2 days ago

This one is the new video. 

New music for the menu and the game and several sound in all the game.

Today I am adding a new lever that can move an array of platforms.. I can I as many as I want..  

The level can open a path  and close other paths. 

Yesterday I have released the game at for the Magical Girl Game Jam #2 (

There are couple of issues that I will try to solve today:

  • FMOD music doesn't work on web because there is one channel in WEBGL.. I have to understand how to solve that issue.
  • I forgot about music and SFX menu and implementation in all the game, I will setup that.

Before the end of this JAM I have to work on :

  • FMOD changes to speed of some sounds.
  • Player movements are not so good.. Improve the speed and bouncing.. Also stop after running.
  • Improve the superpower.. should destroy all monsters.
  • Each weapon should have different power to kill the enemies.
  • Maybe some save points on the level.
  • Add a monster at the end of the level.
  • Make at least another 5 levels .

I have updated with new features

  • Music volume now can be changed
  • SFX on/off disable all sounds
  • Player movements are a little bit better now
    • The player it is a little bit slower on walking at first
    • Also when goes on the walls is also more slower
  • Tutorial Level with 
    • new parallax background
    • tutorial now appears when the player is near
    • new tutorial for other behaviour of the player
    • Added some images on background to cover the tiles.
    • Added more plants to the beach session.

I have release the web version with unity sound (removed the FMOD support because didn't work well on web, at least I didn't have time to check what was the issue).

Also I have submitted my game to the game jam :

There are 2 levels and a lot of things to do..