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Hell Rising - My implementation of the game

A topic by Misterm created Sep 03, 2020 Views: 609 Replies: 23
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In the last couple of days I was quite busy with the music and Fmod.

This was the video I did 2 days ago

This one is the new video. 

New music for the menu and the game and several sound in all the game.

Today I am adding a new lever that can move an array of platforms.. I can I as many as I want..  

The level can open a path  and close other paths. 

Yesterday I have released the game at for the Magical Girl Game Jam #2 (

There are couple of issues that I will try to solve today:

  • FMOD music doesn't work on web because there is one channel in WEBGL.. I have to understand how to solve that issue.
  • I forgot about music and SFX menu and implementation in all the game, I will setup that.

Before the end of this JAM I have to work on :

  • FMOD changes to speed of some sounds.
  • Player movements are not so good.. Improve the speed and bouncing.. Also stop after running.
  • Improve the superpower.. should destroy all monsters.
  • Each weapon should have different power to kill the enemies.
  • Maybe some save points on the level.
  • Add a monster at the end of the level.
  • Make at least another 5 levels .

I have updated with new features

  • Music volume now can be changed
  • SFX on/off disable all sounds
  • Player movements are a little bit better now
    • The player it is a little bit slower on walking at first
    • Also when goes on the walls is also more slower
  • Tutorial Level with 
    • new parallax background
    • tutorial now appears when the player is near
    • new tutorial for other behaviour of the player
    • Added some images on background to cover the tiles.
    • Added more plants to the beach session.

I have release the web version with unity sound (removed the FMOD support because didn't work well on web, at least I didn't have time to check what was the issue).

Also I have submitted my game to the game jam :

There are 2 levels and a lot of things to do.. 

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