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Gunkatana is the cyberpunk action game of two speeds: TURBO FAST and DEAD. Slash, shoot & run ‘em over! · By Torn Page, gondorle

Message from the Devs Sticky

A topic by Torn Page created Jun 16, 2017 Views: 125
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Hi everyone,

This is Geraldo, the developer of Gunkatana, and together with my friend CrazyArcadia, I'm continuing to build this cyberpunk party game.

Gunkatana is a local multiplayer game, with simple but brutal mechanics, to play with your friends + a couple of beers or non-alcoholic beverages.

As we continue to improve the game towards a full release, we'll update this demo with some new things. For now, I really hope you enjoy playing it! Grab a couple of friends, some controllers, and GRIND THE TURBO RAILS!