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The Last Plant

The Plant is your last chance. Survive and take care of the plant. · By TheMatiaz0, Jakub L, Juice Tea, hyopplo, DavidLyArt, Cubepotato

Thoughts and suggestions!!

A topic by Magikat created Aug 26, 2020 Views: 156 Replies: 2
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I really like this game, however its far from perfect and needs some changes.

1. Add a crosshair, its not necessary but would be make it a lot easier for movement.

2. Remove the fuzzy, or make it less blurry. I though a lot of the stuff was just in the background and not actually buildings because of it.

3.  Add settings to adjust things like FOV, and cursor sensetivity

4. Make the items in the trash change daily to give you reasons to go back, also add more items and objects you can place down like a chest and ect.


Hey, thanks for the suggestions!

First of all we had 3 days to make the game and unfortunately we did not have enough time to polish things up haha. We think to improve the game a bit soon to make it playable :) The blur effect is actually too big also with other effects but at first I thought that it will change the climate a bit. 

If we'd decide to develop the game, we'll definitely have your suggestions in mind ;)


Ohhh, I didn't notice it was for a jam.