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Entrancing musical falling block puzzler · By davemakes

What is your strategy?

A topic by immersevillage created Aug 09, 2020 Views: 359 Replies: 3
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I have been playing this game for a few hours now, but I still feel like more like I am playing a slot machine than a puzzle game. I just beat my own highscore by just letting the game play itself. What are your strategies?

My general strategy has been trying to minimize mistakes instead of going for easy clears. if a piece will break and mess up something further down the slope, its not the best position even if it clears a line or block. also, i'm always trying to think in terms of how the pieces will fall and trying to set up combos in a way that's pretty similar to how you do chains and combos in any of the puyo puyo games. (this falls apart for me once the board gets too full or the pieces fall too fast though)

You can get a combo if you have [x][o][x][x] going down a slope and then place a...



...block on top of that.

But that's all I got so far. I'd love to see this fill up with more strategies!

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I try to keep colours together as much as possible, and pay attention to both where you're placing the block + where other parts of it could potentially slide down a slope - try to let both influence your descision. I go for easy ish clears fairly often but generally try to focus keeping colours together and stuff. Use your peripheral vision, and because of the preview you don't actually need to take your eyes off the stack of blocks unless you want to look at the next one, which I'm not able to incorporate into my strategy yet anyway. As I play more I start to see more good and bad patterns of blocks emerge and more combinations that can lead to score-able shapes.