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Software Laser Synth / Abstract Generator · By BlueFang

Audio DAC?

A topic by klif created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 444 Replies: 4
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Is it possible to add output via soundcard as DAC - something like MOTU cards @ 192k?

(I work with oscilloscopes. not lasers, so this is a DAC I use)


I found my answer in another thread

 "At this moment, Maxwell only supports frame-based DACs - The ether dream is an example of a non-USB DAC - it connects through ethernet - but I believe what you are asking about is frame-based verse continuous data DACs - Maxwell operates in the points domain and therefore it is not possible to use continuous data DACs like audio DACs."

I work a lot with oscilloscopes (not lasers) and mostly use soundcard (MOTU). For simple oscillographics there are no frames, but for few other implementations (Fontsynth, Rutt Etra clone) I do use frames -  there is a beginning and end of what is drawn (i don't know if you mean the same thing). Some examples here (Also made with Max - mostly MSP, few jitter objects in Vector rescanning patch) :


The next release of Maxwell (in development) - will have the ability to process audio in an x/y plot. However, the output is still vector in nature and not continuous stream audio. So you will be able to view audio / oscilloscope music as output - but you will not be able to create audio streams - as mentioned, Maxwell is designed to communicate with frame-based (vector array) DACs - and not continuous data (audio) DACs.

I would love to support the output to continuous data (audio) DACs sometime in the future. Whether that is within Maxwell or a new application has not been determined yet.

thanks for the clarfication. 

bump, is there an x / y out in the new version?