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Visual Scripting + Automation for Unity · By Evasion Games

Error using blocks

A topic by cahernandeza created Aug 07, 2020 Views: 407 Replies: 4
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Hi, I hope you're okay.

I have the following problem with Gameflow.

I just installed the latest version available (1.2.5), in two different versions of Unity, the 2019.3.0f6 and the 2019.2.21.f .   I created a random object and it lets me associate the Gameflow component to it. It allows me to add a block, but in the inspector the properties of the block, literally remain blank. To the next sphere I added 3 blocks.

When I click on the button marked in red

The properties appear temporarily, but it doesn't let me do anything, once I remove the mouse pointer from the focus of that button the contents of the blocks disappear again.

Next, I relate the link of a video showing the situation in real time. It also happens with the examples in the package.

I have installed Win 10 Pro 64 bit
Net core 4.0

I appreciate your valuable help.

I have this issue too. This project was great but obviously it's being abandoned, so sad :(

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Hi Stylophone, I could fix it, I drop the Unity Folder placed on  c:\User\Your PC USer\AppData\Local\  . Reinstall the package.  Bye    

Hi, thanks for let me know. The method you mentioned didn't work for me. The way I made it works is to delete both GameFlow.dll and GameFlowEditor.dll that imported in project, and renaming/reimporting them from the Versions/2019.3 folder (the GameFlow.bak and GameFlowEditor.bak). Just for share in case anyone needs to know.

Thank you. It s  work.