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A topic by Guanpeng Chen created Aug 01, 2020 Views: 116
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. The game window is bugged and I can't move my mouse to the right place.
Try restarting the game. If it doesn't work, you can join our Official Discord to report, and we'll help fix it.

Q2. The game crashed with a Win32 warning.
Try updating your graphics card's driver to the latest version.

Q3. It keeps saying that the apples and pears are wrong, why?
You forgot to sterilize them.

Q4. The start work button is gone. Where is it?
Did you just receive a new piece of equipment? You will have to bring it with you to the room with the conveyor belt. If it's another situation, please join our Official Discord to report, and we'll help solve it.

Q5. I can't get S rank on a specific day. Is it a bug?
There're already players who got S rank on all days, so probably not. But if it does seem like one, please try restarting the game and try again.

Q6. Some tasks are too difficult. What can I do?
Try making good use of the rules, instead of just following them.

Q7. What do the coffins mean?
Hint: pay attention to what your supervisor said. Also referring to John Dickson Carr's The Three Coffins since we are basically trying to escape a locked-room.

Q8. I want to discuss about the game!
Feel free to join our Official Discord! It's a lot of fun talking to other players (and the dev).

Q9. Is there be a Colorblind Mode?
Yes, please check the "color assist" option in the ESC menu.

Q10. I want to see more about the story/characters of Booth. Will there be any DLCs?
It depends a lot on how well Booth sells. But, I love the characters and want to write more about them, and I do feel there's room for a DLC. So again, stay tuned if you're insterested.