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[HammerA] HammerTime !

[HammerA] HammerTime ! is an short interactive 2d anime game ! · By K.hermann


A topic by Rabugri created Jul 31, 2020 Views: 261 Replies: 3
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I got the game by buying the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and going to review some of these. To be honest this is a confusing game.
Developer (1 edit)

Hello Rabugri thanks for review it !

Yeah the game probably needs better explanation, sorry about this

You play it twice, at 1 mn 29 you were close to beat it

Its a minigame where you tap right to advance the anime you see

Its short but producing full cartoon takes hardcore lot of work so i had no choice to limit myself, also the framework doesnt allow too much animation running it

On the beginning you found about the minigame of the title screen !  

More you tap and more you gonna unlock new score to beat, thats all, after that you can unlock a gallery of art about the anime universe and characters

In the BLM pack you can also find another game of me (its also unusual gameplay )

But i hope you'll try it too ! anyway thanks a lot !


Thank you for your explanation. 

I will check your other game too!


thanks !