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Official Bug Report Thread Sticky

A topic by Guanpeng Chen created Jul 22, 2020 Views: 256 Replies: 5
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Developer (7 edits)

Thanks for the purchase! Please always play the latest version for stability.

howdy! My computer (a mac) says after the zip file is expanded that "booth is damaged and cannot be opened" Is there a work around for this? Or a download link for the full file? Thanks


Hi, nock_nock, thank you for the purchase! I think this was caused by the zip format. I've uploaded a dmg format for mac, and once downloaded, you can drag Booth into your "Application" folder and it should be able to run. Cheers! :)

Hmm, it's giving me the same error message still... Sorry I don't mean to be a hassle! Just excited to play your game.


No worries! We'll figure this out together. The problem might be that I used a tool to upload the dmg which automatically compressed it as a zip. This time I uploaded the dmg file directly. Please try downloading it again and if it still doesn't work, maybe you could refer to this page for possible solutions:

Let me know how it goes. Thank you for your patience! :)

Got it working! thanks for your help!