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A Legend's Blade

Magical Blades of fallen warriors, Endless Demons, and a Legend attempting to take back the land stolen from him. · By GavinCobb

MultiPlayer Thoughts?

A topic by GavinCobb created Jul 22, 2020 Views: 16
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The Inspiration for this game came from a game I enjoyed so much as a young teenager, Call Of Duty Zombies. I always thought it would be exciting to play with upgradeable swords and I finally brought that dream to reality. However, there is so much to be done and so much potential for this game to be amazing and full of interesting ideas. I think the most important goal moving forward would be to work on bringing A Legend's Blade to the Multiplayer Genre with 4 person Mode. The most important thing to me is that anyone who plays my games finds some enjoyment, creating everlasting memories, just like games have given me over the years. Please, if you have any suggestions or concerns, let me know. Happy Gaming!