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Legend of Hand

An epic quest, inspired by point & click adventure classics, Far-East legends & beat em up games of the 80's! · By Cloak and Dagger Games

Racial Justice Bundle Impressions

A topic by Toma created Jul 19, 2020 Views: 294
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Surprise of the week. This looks like a crude project that wont have much weight to it and you'd be oh so wrong. The unique art style is adorably well animated , it has a never ending cast of intriguing characters in this world ruled by combat warriors, plenty of minigames to indulge in and is just a joy to explore. It has your typical adventure game tropes, but is surprisingly well written and the charm of the very unique art style grows on you almost immediately. The "combat" mechanics are a bit weird, but they dont detract too much. This is a 10 hour epic chinese warrior adventure RPG with a ton of heart and even more charm. Highly recommended if you want to play an original adventure game that focusses more on exploring a world than solving hard puzzles. 4,5/5

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