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Panzer Marshal

Tactical scale World War 2 turn based strategy game, that puts the player in the role of an Axis or Allied army general. · By Nicu Pavel

Possibilty of larger scale map

A topic by dygage created Jul 06, 2020 Views: 155
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Would it be possible to create a battle or more ideally a campaign, even a shorter type campaign, with map sizes much larger than any other scenario that has been released? I mean on scales of 5x5 or even 10x10 (where for reference, a 1x1 map would be the equivalent size of an average size scenario map) and to make use of such epic size battlefields, have the opposing armies much much larger (not necessarily at the same exponential increase in size of the map but enough, the map would warrant army's of that size) I feel as though it would help to better make use of/and increase the importance of strategy and tactics such as scouting, ambushes, feint attacks, capturing airstrips and supply points, having an air force, bridges, terrain and basically most other facets of each battle... It wouldn't be a bad idea for this scenario or campaign to make the ranges on movement and firing more carried among all units... No it by much but maybe heavier infantry having one more range to fire due to heavy weapons, or light anti tank firing 1, medium 2 and  heavy anti tank cannons shooting 3... The only artillery that should have a range of 2 is the lightest of man portable mortars while the shortest range of true artillery being 3-4... Being able to more accurately depict the differing ability of tanks to move instead of most every one of the just moving 5...

Then on another note maybe we could try and make the reasoning behind different units more applicable in the regards of particular bonuses or drawbacks for example... German panzergrenadeirs receive an initiative slight initiative bump when attacking to depict their affinity for blitzkrieg... Or infantry in general become basically "stealthed" to  enemy units if they didn't move the turn before to represent them digging in making ready for an ambush and only can be discovered once an enemy unit tries to move into/through their hex which is when they would be surprised like normal or through the use of recon units (which different units have differing levels of ability to see hidden units) just cuz right now for example in the German world campaign you have German '43 infantry '43 volksgranadiers and '43 jagar infantry all the same price and some very similar stats but no real need to take one over the other.. or when a faction has infantry and infantry (mot) with no real notable difference between the two units where you could make the infantry have all terrain movement, higher defense from air attacks, higher defense in close combat/ranged attack but little to no transportation and then the infantry (mot)are considered to always have at least basic transportation depicted by higher base stats for movement, initiative, ammo and hard attack due to vehicles to carry extra stuff but lower air defense cuz they are easier targets but slightly higher air attack from some heavier weapons... Basically i have huge lists of  ideas on regards to making different units more varied and make use of their real world skill/niche/use sets and if there is a way I could help you in attempting to make this come to fruition or exchange notes or what not I'd be more than happy to talk or hear what you have to say, even if it's not something you think is really feasible because then at least I could stop wondering about the "what if..." Mindset lol and in the end I just want to say thank you for all of your work and effort I really do appreciate what you have created, you've done a magnificent job